Your Inner Guidance and Getting What You Want

Written by Christy Whitman August 17, 2012

There is a lot of parenting advice out there. As I have said in previous blogs, I do not give advice, because each person is different and what is right for one is not right for the other. I have always followed this philosophy in my coaching business for over ten years. I just received this email from one of my coaches who now works with my coaching academy, the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA):

Email from Julie:

For awhile now I’ve been trying to put into words what I’ve been experiencing in my own growth for my business and my personal growth through this journey. I have always been a person that does not like to be told how it is and what to do. I have rebelled so much against that in my youth and even adult years because I knew that there was something wrong with that. And at the very start of my journey of becoming a deliberate creator, I found you. 

What you taught us all in QSCA about becoming coaches always focused on knowing the truth within and guiding our clients to that place. That is gold because it’s the truth. So while working on building my business, finding mentors/coaches, I have grown a lot and am grateful for those that have assisted me however, there was always this underlying feeling of frustration. Like being told ‘how things are done’ in order to be successful. And certain things resonated with me and others not so much. But in times I gave my power away, assuming they must know better because they are established. Those things never panned out the way they told me they would. LOL. I know that in business coaching, there are proven ways that get results. But ultimately, as we create our own reality, we are here as creators, to find our own power to create things that make us joyful, that make us sing and to step into our fully divine power. Not to follow what others say is right or wrong. That just continues the cycle of the 3rd dimension and giving our power, our knowing, away to others.

And you have been the only coach that I have known that gets that! When I read things by many other big name business coaches, yes, they have great info, but lots of it comes from a place of telling that their way is truth and not about guiding clients to find it within themselves. And for awhile now, that has caused such resistance in me because I would question my own way of wanting to do things and create, thus diminishing my own power as a creator. And while you teach business methods, the one thing you always say that I have not heard many business coaches say is ‘here is great info to help you but you choose what you feel aligned with and what works for you. There are many ways’. That is why I feel you are truly one of the few authentic coaches out there. And I am so lovingly grateful that you are in my life. When I think about this, I now know that you came into my life to teach me the truth of being a creator and not so much about coaching and business, that’s just a big perk that comes with it!

So thank you for being the most authentic teacher out there. For me, it always comes back to what you teach, no matter whose teachings for business growth and support I refer to. I love you and am blessed to have attracted you in my life.

Hugs and Kisses, Jule

It was very nice to receive an email like that because it reflected back to me what my beliefs are. Each person has within them the inner guidance to follow their own desires and manifest them. As a parent we need to follow our own inner guidance and listen to the feedback and communication we are receiving from our children, who are very connected to their inner guidance. When our small toddlers want something and they can’t have it, they let us know. They are out of alignment because they can’t get what they want. When they have what they want they are in alignment. I don’t just mean about wanting things. If there is a person who comes around and your child starts to cry or fuss, it is because his or her inner guidance is telling him/her, “There is something that I don’t care for about this person.”

We need to trust the communication that we receive within our own being and pay attention to those warning messages when something does not feel right. No one can tell us what is right for us, only us!

1. When you notice you are feeling negative emotion, stop and ask yourself, “What are you “What are you feeling? What do you need or want? What feels right or fair to you?”
2. Then, coming from yourself and communicating from the “I” perspective, tell the appropriate person how you are feeling, what you need, and what feels right for you.
This is how we teach people how to treat us, what our boundaries are, and how to respect and love ourselves. Always trust your own inner guidance and emotions. They are a great gift to help us align with the fullness of who we are.

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