You scared me.

Written by Christy Whitman February 2, 2013

My son Maxim was not paying attention to his sippy cup and it was spilling milk on the carpet. I said in a lower and deeper voice (not yelling), “Maxim. Look at your sippy cup.”

He got pulled out of the dream state he was in and was startled.

He told me, “You scared me.”

When we communicate in “YOU” language instead of “I” we are blaming the other person for our feelings. No one can make us feel what we don’t choose to feel.

Even at a very young age of two I am explaining this to Maxim.

“I did not scare you. You chose to be scared. Say instead of ‘You scared me, say ‘I was scared.'”

When we are communicating from our own feelings it is important to say how we are feeling using “I am feeling . . .” instead of saying “You made me feel.”

This will assist in healthy communication between you and your child.

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