You are Free Indeed

Written by Bill October 4, 2017
You are Free Indeed

Children and even we, adults are amazed how elephants at the circus/zoo don’t break out of their environment.

Here’s their story.

The trainers at the circus will tie the elephants down with a very strong and solid chain while they are very young and small. They struggle hard trying to escape, until they get tired and realize that there is no way of breaking free. The elephant never even tries to escape again.  Elephant completely gives up. As the elephant grows in size and strength, it could easily break away from the chains, but it doesn’t bother.  It only remembers how much it tried in the past and how excruciating the struggle was. They can then be tied down with a very small and thin rope, because it has already been conditioned that it is hopeless to try to get away.  

Let’s get to our own story.  

As a young child, you may have felt tied down by your parents and their expectations of you. You may have tried to please them and get their approval, but it may seem that you failed. You may have programmed yourself to believe that you were a failure and therefore helpless. You were conditioned to believe in your limitations and that there was no breaking free. 

Maybe you’re in a strong bondage in lack and inadequacy. Maybe it was a struggle with relationships, career or finances. Whatever chain held you back then you can make a choice and release yourself today. Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will remind that you have massive power and that you can break free from what binds you. We can’t explain to an elephant how he can easily break free from what is holding him back, but as humans we have the ability to become free of our past conditioning. 

Through quantum life coaching with qsca certified coaches, we will be allowed to connect with our Divine Self that is already powerful and free.  If you want to create your ideal family and raise empowered children, you can! We have the power to create our life the way we want it.

It is time to realize that there is nothing holding you back anymore. With the Law of Attraction, what you focus on expands, so focus on breaking free from the limiting conditioning.  Christy Whitman life coach will guide us to identify limiting beliefs that holding us back to be a deliberate creator.

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