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Written by Christy Whitman November 1, 2011

We met at a personal development conference in New York in 2006. Frederic is a Canadian and I am a US citizen who was living in Pennsylvania at the time. After a few months of doing the long-distance relationship dance, I moved to Canada in the middle of winter. Brrrr! We are talking 50 below zero. I could not see the car next to me because the snow bank was so high. I thought, “I must love this man.” We instantly had a great connection, and we created things very quickly.  Before we knew it, we had two children who are 16 months apart. We are forty-year-old parents, and we know what the term “exhausted” means.

When our baby, Maxim, was almost two months old, we took him to meet with a priest at a Catholic church because that is how we were brought up. The priest said something to us that really made us think. He said, “A child needs all the spiritual knowledge from ages 0-12. If he does not have this foundation, he will search for meaning and connection the rest of his life.”

In the coaching profession that I am in, I saw that if someone did not have a good foundation, then they had issues as they got older. These issues became what held  him or her back in creating a life of happiness. I told Frederic that even though we did not want to raise our children in the Catholic church because we did not want to have limiting beliefs, we were the ones responsible for teaching our children about the universal laws and personal development. Because It is what I do and how we live our lives, and we already had this information to give to our kids. We were already raising them in that way.

But then I thought, “What about all the other ones? What do they do? So many adults are having a hard time creating lives of joy, abundance, and happiness, so how can they teach their children to do that?”

I have created a lot of programs that have changed thousands of lives, and this idea to create a program for parents to give to their kids was a Divine inspiration. We took the information that we were using to raise our, and then we developed that information into a great empowering program for kids.

Introducing . . . The Enlightened Kid Program. There are ages 0-2, 2-5 and coming soon 5-8.

The Enlightened Kid Program
Click here to purchase your copy of The Enlightened Kid Program
(Ages 0-2 years)

Click here to purchase your copy of The Enlightened Kid Program
(Ages 2-5 years)

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