What makes you happy?

Written by Christy Whitman June 12, 2012

Children are connected to their inner beings. It is our job as parents to help keep them there and not impose our own limiting thoughts and beliefs that would pull them away from that space.

My husband and our two boys were taking a walk around the neighborhood one day, and we saw a little girl with a lemonade stand. We wanted to go and support her. She had these beautiful bright blue eyes and her smile exuded joy from her. I told her, “You are so beautiful,”and she just smiled, allowed in the compliment, and owned it.

Children know they are special just like Source knows each and every one of us is special. When we are focused on the truth of this, we feel good. When we are thinking thoughts that contradict this, we feel bad. When we can be role models for our children and show them how to stay connected to this well-being, we are doing our job as parents. They do listen to what we say, but they also pay attention to our energy and vibration.

As parents, we need to be responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and vibrations.

Encourage your children when they are in a bad mood to be responsible for theirs as well. Encourage them to think happy thoughts, to be grateful and to find their center. We need to show them how to do this.

Change their point of focus when they are not connected to their well-being to get them back there. Ask your child, “What makes you happy? What is one thing you enjoy doing? What is one thing that you appreciate?” Have them take three deep breaths and focus on the their heart. When your child gets knocked off their center from time to time, this will help them find their center again, where they will be connected back to their well-being.

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