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My Son Loves Doing His Affirmations…and Makes Up His Own Now Too!

“I bought the Enlightened Kid Program for my son a few months before he turned two. In those few months, we’ve listened to all the CDs together and he loves doing his affirmations. In fact, he started making up his own too. Out of nowhere he will look at me and say, “I am powerful!” to which I reply “YOU ARE POWERFUL!” It is really remarkable to see how he responds.

I started telling him how wonderful and strong and amazing he was during the days and nights I spent with him at the hospital for the first month and a half of his life and when I found this I felt like it was the perfect way to continue to reinforce his positive aspects so he can have great self esteem when he’s older. His absolute favorite thing about the program is the music! He LOVES music and dancing. He will go to our stereo just to turn on the CD and dance his little heart out. The music is playing in the background right now! Thank you Christy for creating this program and for the work that you do not only as a teacher, but as a mother!”

– Carrie Sandoval

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I Wish I Had Had This Product When My Kids Were Growing Up!

– Evelyn Apostolou

My Children and I Have Thoroughly Enjoyed Using the Enlightened Kid Program

“As an Early Childhood Educator, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and mother of two young children, I am absolutely thrilled to highly recommend Christy Whitman’s Enlightened Kid Program! What an amazing gift for parents and children! The meditations for parents are a very powerful tool for connecting with your higher, divine self, as well was with your precious children on a soul level. Children learn beautiful messages about their own divine and powerful selves through the many incredible tools in this program. My children and I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Enlightened Kid Program! Thank you, Christy! “

Much love,

– Rachel Christie-Nichols, ECE, Certified Law of Attraction Coach

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Our Communication Has Completely Transformed

“I just wanted to let you know how awesome Christy’s program has been for me and my son Tyler. It’s brought us so much closer together in a way I didn’t think was possible. He absolutely loves the cards most of all and its become part of our mommy and Tyler time. The meditation is the most amazing of all, as it has allowed me to connect with my son on a soul level, and I actually got a message from him that he felt he wasn’t getting to spend enough time with me, hence the reason why he would act up, it was all to get my attention. I can be a workaholic so I never realized just how much it was upsetting him that he wasn’t getting quality time with mommy. Our communication has completely transformed, as I now take the time to make sure he knows that I’m paying attention and allow him to communicate with me. He is so confident and takes his cards everywhere he goes and likes to spontaneously whip them out and make me read them with him. Thank you so much for this amazing program.”

– Amanda Stephen

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I Had Tears in My Eyes Because of the
Beauty of Your Words

“I just received your Enlightened Kid program and I absolutely love it. I am expecting my 3rd child in a month and am so excited to share it with her! As I listened to the meditation for parents and affirmations for babies, I had tears in my eyes because of the beauty of your words and the wonderful opportunity I have to begin teaching my daughter that she is love, that she is good, that she is pure positive energy. Children are so very precious and to be able to begin sharing that with them at birth is priceless. I’ve been searching for a program like this that I could share with my two older children and am so happy to have received this. My older children are 7 and 9 and we immediately began reading the affirmation cards at night and put the poster up and they love it! What a great way to teach them to be creators and to empower them at such an early age. I only wish I had had this program to use with them from the very beginning.

Thanks Christy, for creating and sharing such an amazing and important product!!”

Very truly yours,

– Sarah Minavio

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I Would Unequivocally Recommend That Everyone Who Loves Children Participate
In This Course

“Having been a therapist, executive and consultant for over 40 years and been through the QSCA and certified by Christy, I am delighted to recommend this course to all parents and everyone who wants to understand the best way to effectively influence children in a positive and beneficial approach. As parents themselves and as leaders in the universal laws, both Christy and Frederic are very well positioned to offer guidance and assistance in this vitally important area. I would unequivocally recommend that everyone who loves children participate in this course.”

– Dr. Ed Moloney

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Every Parent Needs This Program!

“I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that you have created this program to help our children to become who they truly are in a way no one else is! It is so necessary that our children receive the kind of influence that helps them to become the powerful creators they are meant to be. Every parent needs this program!”

– Kathleen Martin

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What a Delightful Surprise!

“What a delightful surprise to receive and review – just before I went off on holiday. Initial impression was that the materials were actually applicable beyond the defined window and I was looking at other activities to build for 3-5 year olds using the same materials. (I do that often in my role as an SLP with school age! 🙂 ) Another thought – was how to introduce this program to some of the daycares in the area as an adjunct to the defined and an extended age group.

I also remarked to self -“What a wonderful way to reinforce the energy in the parents/adults who are using the program!”


– Annette McCaul

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