Today teach your kids about the Law of Polarity

Written by Christy Whitman March 6, 2013

Today, tell your children: “You are both a powerful spirit and an amazing human being.”

On Saturday, we agree as parents to do the following:

  1. Lead them in a few minutes of silent meditation to connect with their spirit. Have them close their eyes, connect with their heart center and listen to their heart.
  2. Have them take a physical action on something they want to achieve or experience in their lives (practice dance, piano, color, etc.).
  3. Remind them that they are spirits and to take the time to focus on their inner world by meditation, and that they also need to move their physical bodies. Take time to dance, sing, and play with your kids today.

These cards are available in the Enlightened Kid 5-8 program along with affirmations to help each day.

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