To Change Your Children, Change Yourself

Written by Christy Whitman August 9, 2012

As parents, each day and every situation brings us the opportunity to select between two distinct paths. We can choose to take responsibility for creating a culture within our families that reflects our deepest values and brings us joy, or we can allow our unexamined emotions and knee-jerk reactions to set the tone in our households. One choice leaves us feeling empowered and strong; the other victimized and powerless.

When our interactions with our kids become tense or combative, it can be so tempting to become fixated on trying to manage their behavior, but too often this degenerates into nagging or power struggles that do nothing to improve the situation. Instead of focusing solely on them, it’s a lot more effective to examine the quality of the energy we are bringing to the relationship – because the moment we change our energy, we change everything around us.

When we as parents are exhausted, over-extended or frazzled, our children feel it and mirror our disconnection back to us. And when our connection to ourselves is in intact, this energy infuses our words, our moods, our actions, and our homes. Our children then become the beneficiaries of our joy, mirroring back to us the pure and high vibration we are sending out.

The energy we bring to any given situation is the energy we will ultimately receive from it. This is the basic premise of the Law of Attraction, and a key principle that the Enlightened Kid Program teaches parents to understand and implement. Learning to use this powerful universal law to our advantage is the key to creating an open, loving, respectful relationship with our children, and a joyful, harmonious atmosphere within our homes.

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