Tips for Adding Joy to Your Family

Written by Christy Whitman September 22, 2011

I am brought to the present moment by hearing the laughter of my baby. It makes me stop what I am doing and enjoy the fun and laughter from my husband and two boys.

My husband, Frederic, is so great at adding so much light and laughter in our home. He always takes the time to play with them.

He takes every possible moment to connect, bond and laugh with our boys. Whether he is changing a diaper and tickling Maxim, or feeding Alex and making funny noises or faces, he always adds so much joy to our lives.

Fred’s Tips for Adding Joy to the Family:

  1. Stay present with your kids. It is easy to get caught up with the things you have to accomplish. Take each moment to be with them and connect.
  2. Play with them. Create moments. Figure out what they enjoy doing and participate in that. Alex likes to run, so they run together. He likes to play with cars, so they play with cars together. It is easy to say “I don’t have time,” but when your child says, “Mommy, run . . .” instead of doing the things you have to do, take five minutes to play and run after your child. It will bond you and your child and he/she will appreciate it. Let’s face it, there is always laundry and things to do. They will get done, but your kids are only young once.
  3. Laughter makes us feel joy and that is a high vibration in the Universe which will attract what you want into your life. Those moments of connection will help you allow joy into your life, and you will become more attractive to everything you desire.
  4. That happy attitude will help you be a better parent. If you want a happy child, you must be a happy parent.

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