Those terrible twos? Really?

Written by Christy Whitman April 13, 2012

We create what we believe. Many of us as parents are programmed to believe that our children go through the “Terrible Twos,” and even worse, the “F-ing Fours.” I refused to believe this when I had children. My son Alex never went through this period. Yes, he became more independent and wanted to step into his own power. He wanted to tell me “no” and do what he wanted. He even threw fits when he did not get his way, but to declare that this age, because he is now two years old and therefore in this timeframe, is going to be “terrible” will create that very thing.

Our children need to go through these detachment phases so that they can step into their own power. It is our job as parents to continue to empower them and allow them to step into that power even more. Allowing them to make their own decisions is one way to empower them. Allowing them to be who they are and to choose their preferences is another way to empower them. Just because they are stepping into their personalities even more, deciding what they want and don’t want, and having reactions to those preferences does not mean that they are “terrible.” It means that they are creative and looking for their own voices. It is our job as parents to help them cultivate their preferences, to know they can create what they desire, and to allow them to step into that power.

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