There is a solution for…

Written by Christy Whitman March 29, 2012

We always have choices in any given moment. We feel powerless when we perceive that we don’t have choices, and that is when we experience fear, anxiety, or any other lower level emotion. That is when our lower level behaviors show up. The truth is that we always have many solutions to any given situation. As Frederic and I teach our boys, “There is a solution for everything.”

There is an ancient saying, “There are always nine other options in any given situation.” When we know this, we know we have freedom of choice. That freedom and those many options help us to look for what the solution is, which is an abundant way of being. When we perceive that our freedom has been taken away, we also feel powerless. That feeling of having no power is one of the lowest vibrations in the Universe because it is the exact opposite of what the truth of our being is. Know that you are always free. You are always powerful. And you have many choices in any given situation. There is a solution for everything.

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