The Power of the Words and Emotions to Us and Our Kids

Written by Bill August 3, 2017
Power of the Words

Words are powerful.  They can either uplift or ruin one’s feelings or emotions. What you say affects people. Words have the power to hurt or the power to make someone feel good. When you say kind words, others feel good. When you say something mean or negative, others feel awful. Thus, as parents, it is very crucial to teach our children and help them understand the power of the words. QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy) will empower us to raise empowered kids.

When we’re training our kids, it’s crucial to not just say, “Don’t do this or don’t say that.” We need to explain to our children the reasons behind what we are thinking and saying; we need to tell them the “why”.  Discussing them the “why” helps them understand and it enlightens them.  They can connect the dots and you lead them in the right direction. The difference between disciplining and teaching is the discussion of “why.” Like our children, we need to understand the “why” in our life and Life Coach Training with QSCA can help us identify the reasons behind these “why” for greater clarity and momentum. 

Emotions are powerful. They can build or destroy us and our children—both at the same time. But one thing is almost certain, if we fail to “feel and release” emotions (especially the negative ones), they will adversely affect us.   Suppressed emotions will eventually manifest through any number of symptoms, both physical and psychological.

Being able to acknowledge and express our emotions is significant to have successful life experiences, and qsca Christy Whitman can enlighten us with these issues. Just saying, “I am upset” is not enough to deeply express how you are feeling.  But the words like “I am sad.” “I am angry.” “I am frustrated.” —clearly and plainly define what those emotions really mean. QSCA Christy Whitman will teach us to connect with our emotions deeply and be guided by the wisdom they hold.

Words and emotions are the expression of our thoughts, and they will determine the possibility to access the boundless resources available to us for greater success. Come and visit Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman to learn the secret formula to abundance, peace, success and fulfillment.

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