The Most Important Steps in Raising Happy and Enlightened Kids -Step One

Written by Christy Whitman September 24, 2012

Step 1 – Love and connection

The most important things that every child needs are love and connection.
Our effectiveness as a parent is in the bond that we have with our children. The way to create and maintain this bond is through taking time to connect and exchange love with your child. You child needs to love and also be loved. Setting aside time each day to connect at this level will create a great bond and environment.

Tip: Set aside moments each day to slow down and just be with your child. Whether it is spending cuddling time in the morning, or reading a book in the afternoon, or scratching their back before they go to bed, create these love and connection moments with your child each day.

Tip: Ask yourself if you felt connected or disconnected from your child today. If you felt disconnected, take the appropriate amount of time so that you and your child feel the connection with each other each day.

The Enlightened Kid Program addresses love and connection, because the program offers special time for you to interact with your child while providing positive messages to empower him/her. When you implement the cards, the activity book, or reading your child the books, or listening to the meditations it is a time for connection with your child. The program allows you to connect with your child in a way where the energy exchange is positive and uplifting, which is so important for your child’s development.

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