The Most Important Steps in Raising Happy and Enlightened Kids – Step Two

Written by Christy Whitman September 28, 2012


Step 2 – Environment

We are all effected by the environment that we live in. If you go into a room and there is a lot of negativity, you can feel it. If you go into a room where there is happy people, you feel it. Children not only feel it, they react to it and it becomes their reality. Young children are more energy than they are matter. They way they interpret their environment is how they feel the energy. When you are a parent one of your jobs is to make sure your children are in an environment that is positive and where your child feels expanded. If it is a negative environment your child will feel a sense of contraction and fear.

Tip: Make sure that you are aware of your own internal environment. If you are feeling angry or frustrated that will come out in the energy that you give off and will affect your child. Take time for yourself to center yourself and make sure you are grounded in your own body. If you need to release whatever emotions are causing you to contract, take the time to do that. Take time for yourself whether it is a massage, a walk in nature, or just time to meditate.

The Enlightened Kid Program addresses how to create a more expanded and positive environment by providing mediation cds for both the parents and the children. Each program has a meditation that will help you connect more with yourself and your child. When you center yourself you then create a connected and happy environment for yourself and your family.

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