The Most Important Steps in Raising Happy and Enlightened Kids – Step Three 

Written by Christy Whitman October 2, 2012


Step 3 – Positive messages

Children are like sponges. They absorb and take in everything in their environment, including what they are told about themselves, the nature of reality, and life in general. The years of 0-8 are the most critical years in developing a positive sense of self worth. The most important influences in a child’s life is their mom and dad. When a child has their mom and dad telling them positive affirming statements about themselves that is the key to having a happy and connected child.

Tip: Give positive messages to your child. Create affirmations so that they are saying “I am” statements and have them say them on a consistent basis. The more they hear these positive statements the more they become a belief.

Tip: Teach your children about the Universal truths and principles such as cause and effect. Everything we do has an effect or a consequence. Parents like the way the universe works. “What you send out comes back to you. If you are positive you receive positive experiences. If you are negative you receive negative experiences.”

The Enlightened Kid Program addresses giving positive messages to your child with the poster for above the bed. Your child will hear in your own voice positive and affirming statements about themselves before they go to bed. When they are old enough to repeat them they are then saying them to themselves and it becomes a belief. When they belief that they have value or they have purpose they feel a connection to themselves and the world. The Enlightened Kid Program also gives positive affirming messages about the nature of reality through the activity books, the 7 essential law cards that you can share with your entire family, and the affirmation cards. The entire program is designed to have your child soak in as much positive statements during these formative years.

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