The Most Important Steps in Raising Happy and Enlightened Kids – Step Four

Written by Christy Whitman October 6, 2012


Step 4: Understanding Emotions

Our emotions are our guidance system. When we feel fear we are contracted. When we feel love we are expanded. Our emotions are there to tell us what we are drawing into our experience, how we are looking into the future (either from a positive or negative perspective). They also communicate to us letting us know if were are okay or not depending on a situation. They inform us if our boundaries are being crossed. Emotions are very important. Most adults are not sure how to handle their emotions and so they suppress them. Many adults because they suppress them turn to drugs, alcohol, shopping, or even eating. There are more and more people that are depressed all because we are not aware of how to feel our emotions, process them and then release them. Teaching your children about emotions is essential in their self-esteem and development.

Tip: When you are feeling an emotion, teach your child by defining what is the emotion you are feeling. For example, “Mommy is feeling sad right now.” Or “Mommy was scared by that man driving so close to the car.”
Tip: You can show your child how to appropriate feel and release their emotions. For example, if they feel anger tell them to put the emotion of anger in an imaginary bubble and have them blow it away as if they are blowing out a birthday candle.

The Enlightened Kid Program addresses teaching about emotions through the emotions cards with the 5-8 program. You will learn right along with your child what emotions are high or low vibration emotions. Your child will learn from the pictures of our loving Hearty BearTM character what an emotion looks like. The cards then give instruction on how to feel, release and move forward.


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