The Most Important Steps in Raising Happy and Enlightened Kids – Step Five

Written by Christy Whitman October 10, 2012


Step 5 – Consistency

When they eat. When they go to bed. Your tone of
voice. Your own vibration
One of the most important things you can do with your child to create a sense of security and safety, and of course self-esteem is to create your environment that is consistent. The child will then feel good, because nothing is “out of the blue”. There is comfort in knowing there is a schedule. They know the reactions and behaviors of the parents. Consistency in as many areas of the child’s life is very important.
Tips: Have your child go to bed within 30 min each night. Be consistent with the type of foods you give your child (including veggies and fruit).
Tips: Create a time for relaxing or calm time each and every day even if it is for 10 min.

Tips: Be consistent in your tone of voice and how you speak to your child. When you are consistent in your approach to parenting your child will feel safe with you and connected.

The Enlightened Kid Program addresses consistency with your children by giving them empowering messages and ways of thinking throughout the entire program. By introducing this program into your children’s lives it gives them those positive messages on a consistent basis allowing them to feel safe and secure.

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