The Enlightened Kid Programs

Written by Christy Whitman August 19, 2013

I know that you’re busy. Especially in this day and age when both parents work, or where you may be a single mom or dad doing everything yourself.

The one thing that you don’t have a lot of is free time… right? So, if you’re going to implement this in your life, it’s got to be easy, it’s got to be fun (for both you and your child), and it can’t take a whole lot of free time.

That’s why I created the Enlightened Kid Programs. These are REAL physical programs shipped to your front door, not just something you download onto your computer. And there’s nothing in the world like them. Everything has been custom created by me and follows the core building blocks that we covered in this webinar.

Currently, there are three programs: one for infants to 2 years old, one for kids ages 2-5, and one for kids 5-8 years old. (I’m still working on the one for 8-12 year olds, and that will be available early next year.)

Each of the programs have age-specific content and come with:

• A confidence and self-esteem audio CD
• A powerful statement poster to hang in your child’s room
• Empowering interactive flash cards
• A guided meditation CD that you can use by yourself or with your kids
• A positive message storybook to read to your kids anytime
• An activity book
• A CD of empowering songs (written and professionally produced just for Enlightened Kids)
• A parents’ guide for you

The program for ages 5-8 also comes with:

• A daily universal laws activity guide
• Emotion cards

Here’s what each of the complete programs looks like:

Having an Enlightened Kid Program in your home will make it so easy and fun for both you and your kids to be inspired and empowered!

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