The Conditioned Mind

Written by Christy Whitman April 15, 2013

You see, most of us think that we are what our minds tell us. That is not always true. If your mind has been conditioned to tell you disempowering thoughts, and you believe those thoughts, you will then be disempowered and feel sad and depressed.

Your mind works like a computer. When you receive negative input about yourself, you store it in your subconscious mind and often express those messages in your negative behavior or feelings. Most of us are not taught how to talk back to these harmful messages and we believe them 100%. Most of us never challenge those thoughts that go through our minds. We just believe what those thoughts are telling us even if they are disempowering or irrational.

When we were children, if people talked to us with positive, uplifting and hopeful words, rather than critical or harsh words, we would now talk to ourselves with positive and uplifting thoughts. But, if you were talked down to, shamed, compared to another, or made to feel guilty, you most likely have negative programming running through your mind.

Most people do not understand how important thoughts are and what effects they have on us. These negative thoughts affect your moods and can lead to anxiety, depression, and emotional pain. Negative thoughts affect our ability to work, to relate to other people, and our physical health.

Do you want the good news?


Unless you become the witness to your thoughts, they are automatic. Since they just happen, they can take over and they are not always true or correct. You don’t have to believe every thought that goes through your head. It is so important to be aware of your thoughts and determine if they empower you or disempower you.

If you are feeling negative emotions, it is a very good indication that you are thinking negative thoughts, especially about yourself.
You can train your thoughts to be positive and empowering and create positive life experiences, or you can just allow your old negative and disempowering thoughts to create negative life experiences. It truly is up to you. You can learn to change your thoughts, and you can learn to change the way you feel.


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