Teaching Your Children to Meditate is Not Too Early!

Written by Bill January 23, 2018

From birth to age twelve is a critical period for our children to develop self worth and spirituality.  Thus, teaching our children to meditate is never too early.

Here are the two easy steps to start teaching our children to meditate.  

  1. Have the child focus on the light within them.  You have them start focusing on that and start really being mindful that they do have light and love within them.
  1. Have the child take a deep breath and connect with a certain feeling. this is really a good way to get the crazies out of your kids and it only needs to be done in a couple of minutes, but it teaches them to go get quiet and go within themselves.

We will learn the above process more appropriately and efficiently through Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program with qsca Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches.

Start your child just even five minutes to close their eyes and take some deep breaths and feel the light within, and you’ll be surprised at how it calms your child and it really does connect them.  The more you practice it the more it becomes a skill set and it’s never too early to teach your kids this.  

Teaching our kids to connect with their own Source Energy and help them understand the power of their Own Being are the key factors to bring forth empowered and dynamic young generation.  If you are looking for tool and methods to literally see your kids get more connected while having more fun, qsca Christy Whitman creates a program for you and your kids. Pick the one that is right for you!

You can always calm yourself down by meditating when you’re feeling crazy and upset and you can do it with your kids.  Through Life Coach Training with QSCA, you will learn to build a strong bond between you and your child while also connecting with your own Divine Self and become a deliberate creator.

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