Teaching Toddlers About Money

Written by Christy Whitman August 2, 2012

Money is one of those words that has a lot of charge. Typically the charge is very negative. When we have children, they pick up on our energy and how we feel about certain topics. Money is one of those topics. You may not tell your kid that money is bad or there is not enough in so many words, but they learn it through how you feel and interact. What is your relationship with money?

Parents need to be aware of their own negativity around money because children pick that up. for example, you’re in a toy store, and they are crying because they want a toy; how do you explain to them that it’s too expensive.

Parents project their money issues on children. As parents we need to be very careful how we speak about money. When you say, “We can’t afford that” instead of “I choose not to purchase that” it gives off an energy of lack and limitation and therefore teaches the children that there is not enough.

How young can you teach children about money? This expert feels as long as they are old enough to understand not to put things in their mouth, you can start to teach them about money. Tell them that money is valuable and what it means to you. “I enjoy making money, because money provides me freedom. We are able to eat, live in a air conditioned house, wear nice clothes, etc. That is what money provides.”

Explain to children what is money-a current medium of exchange. We attract money by doing things of value. We make more money by saving our money and investing. Money deserves respect. When you respect it, it will be attracted to you. If you disrespect it, it will repel from you.

It is never too early to start giving a small amount of money for helping around the house. When our 22 month old helps us sweep or unload the dishwasher, we break out the piggy bank and celebrate that he did something of value and is rewarded for that service.

Without positive ideas and information, money can become a mysterious and scary monster that comes back to haunt us later in life.

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