Spending Time with Your Kids

Written by Christy Whitman August 24, 2012

Do you know what most children want? It is not the new toy (although they would love that), or the new clothes (those are fun too) but it is time with you. Children want to spend quality time with their parents. Children want to play and receive love from their parents.

As busy as we are as moms and dads, it is so important to take those moments and spend quality time with our children. When your child asks you to read him a book, take the time. Even though there might be laundry to do, or a phone call to return, your child is asking to connect with you in that moment. There is always going to be something that needs to get done or be accomplished. But it is the early years of a child’s life where they need to know that they are number one. How that is communicated to them is by the time you spend with them and the exchange of love energy between the two of you.

That is one of the reasons that the Enlightened Kid Program is so effective. As you are interacting with your child through the program, you are connecting with each other, and the high vibration of the messages received in the program creates that energy exchange of love.

I have two little second cousins. One of them, Sophia (who is almost fifteen) just came and visited us in Canada (from Arizona) for a week.


She was telling me that her relationship with her mom is amazing. They are very close and she really enjoys her mom. Sophia and my other cousin, Gigi (who is almost 14) has a lot of anger at her mom because she does not spend a lot of time with her. She is very busy and her biggest way of showing her daughter love is to provide her with the best schools, clothes, etc. This requires her to work a lot and not spend much time with her daughter. Gigi and her mom don’t have the type of relationship that Sophia has with her mom.

It is like with anything that is important to us, we need to invest in it. When you want a solid relationship with your children, the time needs to be invested in connecting and exchanging love.

1. Set aside time each day, several times a day, to really connect with your child.
2. Do the things that he or she wants to do (play with playdough, read a book, play with trains, play with Barbie, do the activity book in the Enlightened Kid Program).
3. While you are playing together, connect with the love that you have for your child. Feel that love within you.
4. Express that love to your child. I do this in a number of ways. First, I tell the boys, “I love you. You are amazing.” Second, I will feel the love inside of me and imagine that it is surrounding them. Third, I will ask them for a hug or a kiss.
5. Go back to playing and have fun and enjoy your child.

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