Spend today teaching your kids about the Law of Deliberate Creation

Written by Christy Whitman February 14, 2013

Today, tell your children: “Decide what you want to experience and ask for what you want.”

  1. Invite your children to think of something they would like to have in their lives (see a firetruck, dance, play with a train, spend time with mommy alone, get a good grade on a test, learn a song on the piano). Have them think of what they want and drop it into a wish jar (or write it down and put it in the jar).
  2. Discuss why they want what they want. What will it feel like to experience this desire?
  3. Have them take two minutes to imagine and feel what it feels like to have it.

These cards are available in the Enlightened Kid 5-8 program along with affirmations to help each day.

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