Spend today teaching your kids about the Law of Allowing

Written by Christy Whitman February 18, 2013

Today, tell your children: “Accept whatever life brings you. Do not judge or make something wrong. Be in the flow and accept ‘what is’.”

  1. Remind your children that not every day is the same. There is a universal principle of impermanence. Change is inevitable. Embrace each day as a new day.
  2. Be open to all the experiences of the day. Do something different with your children on this day (play a new game, go for a walk on a new route take them to a new park, read them a new book, make a new meal for dinner).
  3. At the end of the day, ask them what they experienced as different and what they enjoyed about it.

These cards are available in the Enlightened Kid 5-8 program along with affirmations to help each day.

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