Our Inherent State

Written by Bill February 23, 2018


We’re born into the world innocent, trusting, and completely free of preconceptions or limiting beliefs.  As babies, the issue of whether we are worthy of love or having our need satisfied doesn’t even exist.  We come in hardwired with the knowledge that the world is abundant and that we too are abundant. And that we are of course deserving of having all of our desires fulfilled. The people and the things that exist around us occur to us as extensions of ourselves.  After all the moment we express and need someone or something, usually comes along to meet it.  

We’re not reluctant to voice our discontent when our needs are not getting met and we certainly don’t pretend to be happy when we’re not.  We inherently understand that our inner world of our own thoughts, feelings, perceptions and desires, is primary to our well being, the way we feel is far more essential to us than what we have, what we have to do or how we look.  In our inherent state we experience and express the full range of our human emotions without restrictions, pretense or even a shred of self-consciousness.  

Therefore, as parents, we realize that it’s so important that our kids build a solid foundation from an early age. Teaching our children to connect with their own Source Energy (their Higher Self) and help them understand the power of their Own Being are essential elements to self-empowerment.   If you are looking for tools and processes to literally see your kids get more connected while having more fun, Christy Whitman and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) create programs for you and your kids. Choose the one that is right for you!

We’re like a seed planted in the garden and we’re influenced by the surroundings that we are raised in. Thus, it is very crucial to grow our kids in a place that empowers them, and water them with love and affirmations that nurture positive thoughts and positive energy—to build and strengthen our child’s confidence and self-worth.  

Our children are God’s gift, thus as parents, we want to ensure to raise them in ways that are of unlimited abundance. So it’s very vital that we learn about the Universal Laws, so we can treat our children in the way that the universe treats us generously. Come and learn parenting with law of attraction Christy Whitman.

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