Mommy Always Comes Back

Written by Christy Whitman September 6, 2011

From a very early age I always told my children, “Mommy always comes back”. I would bring my oldest son, Alex to the gym daycare while I would work out. From a very early age (6 weeks old) I would tell him “Mommy always comes back”. When I would go on little trips for work to do speaking engagements I would tell him, “Mommy will be gone for three days. I will be sending you love and light from (whatever city I was visiting). But you know . . . Mommy always comes back.”

I saw how effective this communication was with him. There were several children in the gym daycare that would feel insecure and cry when his or her mothers would leave. Alex never cried or was ever worried that he would be left there. He knew that Mommy always came back. Even my second son, Maxim, he knew this and never cried like many of his little friends. Many of them cry when his or her moms leave and cry the entire time they are in the daycare. My children felt secure and knew that I would be back. They would enjoy their time playing in the daycare, which allowed me to spend my time at the gym knowing they were fine.

One day I realized how much this affected my son, Alex. I was leaving for the grocery store and I kissed him good-bye. I told him, “Mommy will be back soon.” He then said to me, “Mommy always comes back.” I reassured him that was correct and I would see him soon.

Children really do retain what we tell them. It is so important to tell them empowering messages that allow them to feel secure. “Mommy always comes back” has allowed my boys to feel secure and enjoy themselves and they do know that Mommy always does comes back.

The program I created with my husband, Frederic, allows parents to give empowering affirmations that each child needs to hear so they know their inner power. That way they have a healthy mind, a happy heart and a joyful soul.

Parenting Tips:

1. Tell your child, “Mommy/Daddy always comes back.”
2. When you return, reinforce. Say, “See,Mommy/Daddy came back just like I told you.”
3. Give them a big hug.

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