Manners, please

Written by Christy Whitman December 17, 2011

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children manners. When our children are old enough to speak start teaching and reinforcing how to properly speak using their manners. If you child says, “I want an apple.” Repeat back to them, “Can I please have an apple?” After you give him the apple then tell him, “Thank you.”

From an energetic perspective when your child learns the words “please and thank you” it shows gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude and appreciation are one of the highest vibrations in the Universe. Teaching them to be grateful for something will serve them their entire life.

My husband and I took the boys to a place called Zig Zag Zoo, (and boy is it a zoo). They had a great time running and climbing on things. After we left I said to Alex, “Did you tell Daddy thank you for taking you here?” He turned to Frederic and said “Thank you, Daddy.” And then Frederic said to Alex, “Can you also thank Mommy?” and he did. This helps your children learn not take things for granted and teaches them appreciation and gratitude even at an early age.

Some tips on manners:

  • Reinforce when they ask for something that they say, “Please”. “What is the magic word?”
  • When you give them something make sure they say, “Thank you.” “What do you say?” or “How do you show gratitude?”
  • When they need to get your attention or would like to get around you, make sure to teach them to say, “Excuse me, please.”

Teaching manners can be a very repetitive task, but it will pay off in the end.

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