Magnetic Monday

Written by Christy Whitman August 20, 2012
Christy family at the Fire Station!

One day when we were at the gym a man that we see all the time told Frederic that he was a fire man. Alex and Maxim were there and got so excited. He then offered to have us all go take a tour of a fire truck and at the fire station. We had so much fun watching the boys in awe of the noisy trucks. As we were leaving I told Alex and Maxim that they are so abundant for attracting an experience like this.

Here is another way you can experience abundance:

How are people who think in abundance different than those who think in lack?

Abundant people are always looking for the solution versus looking at the problem. The power of being solution-oriented can never be overstated.

When things come up in your life, are you stuck in the problem? Or do you immediately start looking for the solution?

People who have an abundant mind are always looking for ways to solve a problem. They know that there is always a solution, always an answer.

Do you focus on your problems and talk about them, tell stories of how bad they are, and try to compete with friends by saying how bad you have it? To be more abundant, look for solutions and focus little or no attention on the actual problem.

There are always solutions to everything!


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