Magnetic Monday

Written by Christy Whitman July 23, 2012

One day I was driving with Alex, and we had just recently been visiting toy stores. The boys enjoy going to the store and seeing all the fun toys. Some days I will buy them something, and then other days I will explain to them, “Today I choose to save my money.” I will explain ahead of time what the expectations should be. “We will go and play and look at all the fun toys. You can make a list of all the toys that you would like to have, but today I am choosing to save my money and I am not buying anything. Do you understand?” And they do. That does not stop them from asking for something while we are there, but they are reminded that “Today I choose to save my money.” And they stop asking. I always remind them that they are abundant and that they can get what they want. Today they get to just imagine what it will be like to have it in the future.

On one of these occasions, Alex told me he wanted a building crane. I told him that he could have that if he wanted it. He then gave me a list of other trucks that he wanted to have. I told him he could have everything he wanted and more. But I did explain to him, “You don’t get everything you want, but you get the things you REALLY want.”

It is like that for adults as well. We may want and desire a lot of things and experiences, and there is nothing that says we can’t have all of those things and experiences. But it is the things that we REALLY want that we put our focus and attention on. The things we find to have the most value and that are a priority for us – those are the things that we get.

So the next time we went to the toy store, and it was a day that I decided I was going to buy Alex and Maxim a toy, I said to Alex, “Now you can have anything you want, but what is the thing that you REALLY want?” And he picked the crane.

What is it that you REALLY want?

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