Like Parent; Like Child

Written by Christy Whitman August 8, 2012

My work as an author and coach is based upon a universal principle known as the Law of Attraction. In essence, this law states that what we create in the outer world – in our homes, our careers, our bank accounts, and in our relationships with others – is always a perfect reflection of what is occurring within the private inner world of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. In other words, what we send out is what we get back; like attracts like. Nowhere in our lives is this principle more immediately apparent than in our relationship with our children. When we feel good about ourselves; when we’re caring for ourselves and attending to our own needs, we extend this inner harmony to our children and our households.  And likewise, when we are not at peace, when we’re overextended, frustrated, angry, or undernourished of things that are essential for our well-being, we carry a chaotic energy with us wherever we go. Our kids then mirror our discontent and our interactions with them become strained and unharmonious. 

Unlike other parenting courses, the Enlightened Kid Program does not offer discipline techniques, or strategies to alter your child’s behavior in any direct way.  It is designed instead to show you how your own vibration influences your relationships with others, and to teach you ways of consciously fine-tuning that vibration. When we as parents are deliberately bringing forth the best in ourselves, we inspire our children – not through our words but through the power of our vibration – to do likewise. When we are thriving, truly thriving – as parents and as people – our children will also thrive.

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