Law of Attraction and Parenting

Written by Christy Whitman September 2, 2012
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Years before I ever met my husband, Frederic, I wrote down what I wanted to create in my life. I wanted to be a mom of two. I wanted to be a working stay-at-home mom. I wrote down that I wanted to work from home. I wanted to workout whenever I wanted. I wanted freedom in my life to have my own schedule. I wanted quality and quantity time with my husband and kids. I wanted to walk to the mailbox with my baby in my arms and have checks waiting for me.

I am amazed that these intentions have come true. I have been applying the Universal Laws for over fifteen years. I have been a coach and a teacher of these laws for over ten years, and when something manifests based on what I decide I want to create, I am still in awe of the manifestation process.

Frederic and I decided that now that the kids are a little bit older (Alex 3, Maxim almost 2), we wanted to have a weekly date. In order to do that, we needed to find a babysitter that we could rely on and trust with our precious boys. So I did the process that I did when I wanted to bring in my husband, my children, my assistant, and my housecleaner.

I wrote down all the qualities I wanted to have in the person I wanted to attract. I would then get really clear about the role this person would play in my life. I also would connect with the feeling of having this person in my life. For example, with my husband, I would ask myself what activities we would do together. I would then tune into the feelings of love and connection, because that is what I wanted to have in this particular relationship.

When I was attracting my assistant in my business, I wrote down that I wanted this person to be able to do my bookkeeping, watch my newborn baby for an hour while I taught my classes during the day, and if this person could clean my house too, that would be great. Now typically to think of that happening all within one person would make a lot of people feel doubt.

Then I conducted interview, and in walked Sharon. She had worked in a daycare doing their bookkeeping for years. She currently had a business of cleaning houses. She also had two grown children of her own and missed being around babies. Jackpot!

Whatever you are needing to attract into your life to support you, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What qualities do I want in this person?
2. What role does this person play for me?
3. What feelings will I experience when this person shows up?

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