It’s in the “Stars”

Written by Christy Whitman March 26, 2013

I was getting tired of focusing on what my kids were doing wrong and how they could change their behavior. I decided to purchase a star chart so that I would have more of a focus on their good behavior and what I appreciated.

I told the boys that if they are kind to one another by playing nice and sharing their toys, they use their manners (saying please and thank you), and they eat their food they get a star. If they receive seven stars they receive a surprise.

I told the boys they could have a toy, money, or even a hug or a kiss.

Alex said to me, “I don’t want a hug and a kiss. I get those all the time.” I laughed of course.

So we negotiated (yes, with a three-year-old) they would get a surprise (lollypop, chocolate chip cookie, toy, etc.) Their behavior has been amazing. When they do something that is not considered appropriate we also can take away a star.

Here is an image of a star chart. It is working for my family.


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