“If You Have Children, You Will Get Sick”

Written by Christy Whitman March 22, 2013

Before I became a mom, I always heard, “When you have kids, you will always be sick because kids go to school or daycare.” I had heard these statements from my friends and our cousins who had children, and I never questioned them.

These statements went straight into my mind as thoughts that I never challenged or changed.

I hadn’t been sick in years until I had my first child, Alex. Even though he was not at a typical daycare, he would go to the gym daycare, and he would end up getting sick.

On one occasion when I was thinking about taking him to daycare, I had him test it out for a few hours two days in a row. He got sick, and then I got sick.

This thought then became a belief: Because I have kids, I am now going to be getting sick.

Then I had another child. So now my chances of getting sick doubled.

I got sick more often in a six month period than I had in years.

My friend Kendra, who I work out with at the gym, has a little girl named Krystal who is over a year old. Krystal would frequently come into the gym daycare where my boys would also be, and she would have a runny nose. Then one of my kids would get sick. And then…you guessed it, I would get sick.

One time I was with one of my friends on vacation, and I was sick. I apologized to her and hoped she didn’t get sick. She told me, “I am fine. I am in total well-being.” I thought, “Wow. Good for her. And she is lucky she does not have kids.” Once again solidifying that belief that because I have children, I will get sick.

I would find myself so resistant and stand-offish with other kids if I saw them cough or sneeze. I was constantly sanitizing my hands so that I would not get sick. All of this pushing against what I did not want was actually creating the reality of me getting sick.

Right before my family was leaving for vacation, Krystal came into the daycare with a runny rose. Kendra was also sick. I told her, “If we get sick, I am going to kick your butt.”

The next day, Maxim got sick. Three days later, I got sick.

I found myself so upset and mad because I had been so looking forward to this trip. I even told Kendra that it was basically because of Krystal that we were all sick. This did not feel good to Kendra, and it caused a wedge between us because I was blaming her and her child.

I then remembered that I am a deliberate creator. I don’t have to play the victim, and I certainly don’t have to put up with circumstances that I don’t enjoy. We may have beliefs that don’t serve us. Sometimes, it is the beliefs that we hear in society and we all simply accept them as truth, just because there has been evidence of them.

When we were on our vacation, I was talking to another mother of two while we were in line to see Buzz Lightyear. I asked if she takes her kids into the daycare. She said, “No. I am afraid because children always get sick when they go into the daycare.” Here it was again, a societal belief that was preventing someone the freedom to do what they wanted.

I decided as a deliberate creator that I want to be healthy. I want such a strong immune system that I could be around anyone and not get sick, but to stay in perfect health and well-being. I then started to think of what I needed to help me do this (eat better, sleep more, take more vitamins and herbs, get acupuncture to boost my immune system).

I choose to be healthy and no longer believe that because I have children, I will get sick.


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