I taught Alex something today!

Written by Christy Whitman July 6, 2012

Alex wanted to learn to ride his little three-wheeler bike, and he didn’t understand what he needed to do. I explained to him exactly where he needed to put his foot and where to use  his muscles and put pressure on the pedals. It was amazing. He was riding his bike in no time. It was something so wonderful to watch, but it was  an even more amazing moment for me as a mom because I taught him something.

I also taught him something else that day. He was having a hard time listening to me. Every time I was talking with him, asking him to help me with something, or just needed his attention, he was looking away and focused on something else. I told him, “Look at me, focus on what I am saying. Be present with me. With every cell in your body, listen to Mommy.” For the first time, he actually stayed focused on me and understood me because he listened, and he was able to respond to me. I taught him how to listen.

How many of us grew up not being taught how to properly listen to someone? How were we going to learn how to listen to someone? And how were we going to teach our children?

As parents, we also need to listen with every cell in our bodies. Imagine that each of your cells has ears and is listening to the other person, or to yourself. Look at the person. Be present and focus on what is being said.

You teach your children to listen by first listening to them.

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