“I am powerful”

Written by Christy Whitman August 24, 2012
Montreal's finest

Imagine if at the core of who you are, you really felt good. How would your life be different? Imagine a child who grows up knowing that he or she is good, powerful, loved, free. WOW!

My family was walking into the gym the other day and there were these flying bugs that we get in Montreal in the summer. They are called shadflies.

There are hundreds of them and they stick to the windows. There were many right on the door, and Alex wanted to open it. He got scared at first and then said in a very affirming voice, “I am powerful.” He then opened up the door and I could see how proud of himself he was. He affirmed it again.

I am amazed at how this belief at just three years old affected him. I can’t wait to see what he creates in his life because he knows he is truly powerful. What fear will he break through (or even just walk through) like he did with those bugs?

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