How Thoughts Affect Our Children

Written by Bill August 8, 2017

How our children think “moment by moment” has great impact on their feelings, emotions and behaviors.  But, because of their young age, they have trouble in thinking logically and rationally. QSCA Christy Whitman will guide us to help our children establish a solid foundation from an early age–to build strong character, high self-esteem, and boundless possibilities.

When a child’s mind is loaded with many negative and unpleasant thoughts, it influences their ability to learn, their ability to interact with other people, and their physical health. Unfortunately, many children take these negative thought patterns into adulthood, causing them to have trouble with their moods and behavior. These negative thoughts become the seeds of anxiety and depression later on in life. QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy) offers an easy yet effective step-by-step solution to empower your children as they grow and reach different phases of their lives.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to teach children about their thoughts and to teach them to challenge what they think, rather than just accepting thoughts mindlessly. As parents, we will learn to raise empowered kids through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman.

Here are some positive thinking principles to remember.  We will understand these principles clearly through Christy Whitman coaching.

  1. Your mind and body respond to every thought you have, whether you say anything or not. Thoughts are real and they have great impact on your feelings, emotions and behaviors.
  2. Your brain releases chemicals that make your body feel good whenever you have a positive and pleasant thought. On the contrary, your brain releases negative chemicals that make you feel miserable and upset each time you have obnoxious thoughts.
  3. Your thoughts do not always tell you the truth. Sometimes they even lie to you. It is essential to be always attentive to your thoughts to see if they help you or harm you.
  4. If you can correct your negative thoughts, you make them powerless over you.
  5. You can control your thoughts, it is up to you!  Learn to connect with your inner self through Christy Whitman coaching.

Teaching our kids how to manage and direct their thoughts in a positive way will be one of the greatest gifts we can give to them. Come and join Life Coach Training with QSCA and become empowered parents.

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