Here are some more ways to ensure your child has high self-esteem

Written by Christy Whitman July 19, 2012

Here are some more ways to ensure your child has high self-esteem:

  • Support your child and offer genuine praise. Encourage him to try new things, and tell him that you are proud of his effort, whether he was successful or not. But do not over-praise every accomplishment because it will only take away from the things he succeeds at and that took real effort. Remind him that learning new skills takes time and practice and that no one can master everything. You can also talk about your own successes and failures and what you have learned from them.
  • Help your child learn from his mistakes. Talk about what can be done differently next time, and how he can control his own behavior.
  • Provide your child with responsibilities and opportunities to contribute in the home. For example, assign family chores or ask for his help and suggestions while preparing dinner. This teaches your child that he too is important.
  • Offer him choices and the chance to problem-solve so that he can learn that he has some control over his own life

We always tell our children what their choices are. “Do you want to take a bath now or after dinner?” If they are not in a good mood and are fighting eating we also give them choices, “Do you want to sit and eat or do you want to go to bed?” I have ever had conversations with my sons about crying and carrying on and what their choices are. They understand choices at a very young age and it helps them develop self-esteem.

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