Happy Marriage, Happy Kids

Written by Christy Whitman January 10, 2013

Of all the things we provide for our children – food, shelter, clothing, love, affection – one of the most essential is something that we may not even realize that we are giving them: our energy. Our kids are born and raised in our energetic field, and what they absorb from our vibration, both as parents and as people, has a more powerful influence on them than anything we may try to teach them with words.

One thing that my husband Frederic and I have come to embrace is that the two of us, as a couple, are the nucleus of our family. The quality of the energy that exists between us sets the tone of the energy that flows throughout our entire household. When there is harmony between us, that energy radiates out in waves, flooding our home and everyone in it with laughter and love; our connection with each other brings a vibration of ease to everything we do and everyone we interact with – most especially our two boys. The same thing happens when we’re disconnected, of course, only in reverse. Our lack of harmony spills over into our household and manifests as a vibration of frustration, impatience and chaos. This energy may not be visible, but it’s palpable – especially to our children.

One of the core principles of the Enlightened Kid Program, which Frederic and I developed for parents and children alike, is that being happy within ourselves is one of the most loving things we can do for our kids. By making our own happiness a priority, we are teaching our children – not with words, but with our energy – what it means to be a successful, fulfilled, well-rounded human being. Trying to give time and attention to our kids before we have given it to ourselves is recipe for making ourselves miserable. And as the saying goes, if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

The bottom line is this: to raise joyful kids, we must be joyful adults. This is a choice that begins within us as individuals, extends to our relationships with our partners (or co-parents, if we no longer live with them), and spills over into our relationship with our kids. Emotions are contagious.

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