Great Opportunity to Teach About Intentions

Written by Christy Whitman August 22, 2012

One day our nanny, who we call Nana, came over wearing a Bugs Bunny t-shirt. Alex got so excited and said that he would like a Bugs Bunny t-shirt too. I told him I would look for one.

I went all over looking for a Bugs Bunny t-shirt. I went to a very large mall and checked in every children’s clothing store. I went to the outlet malls. I finally thought, “Well, I will have to go on-line and get him one.”

When I returned home from my Bugs Bunny t-shirt adventure I told Alex, “Alex, I looked and looked for a Bugs Bunny t-shirt for you and none of the stores that I went to had a Bugs Bunny t-shirt.” He then told me, “Well, you will have to go to a different store then.” It made me laugh, but it really was a great teachable moment for him.

I explained to him that if he wants something really badly, he will receive it, but sometimes we have to be patient and wait a little bit before it shows up. He was fine with that.

A few weeks later, I had to run and get some ointment for Maxim because he got a bug bite from our flower garden. I was on a mission and decided that even though Wal-mart can be very busy and interesting, I would go there because it was the closest to my house. Being on a tight schedule that day, I ran in and got what I needed and as I was heading towards the checkout counter, there it was. It was as if it were jumping out at me. A Bugs Bunny t-shirt.


I was so excited. When I stopped looking and trying to force something to happen, it appeared. I have always experienced this in my fifteen years of working with the Universal Laws. Whenever I wanted my ideal partner, when I let go of needing him, he appeared. When I wanted my ideal home to live in, when I let go of needing it, it appeared.

It was a great moment to not only teach Alex, but to remind me as well.

I had been holding onto something in my business that I needed an answer to, and I just was not receiving the clarity that I needed. I thought about the Bugs Bunny t-shirt and then let it go. Within hours, the answer not only came to me, but I had such great clarity that I had not had for a long time.

The lessons for Alex and for all of us:
1. Intend for what you want.
2. Feel good about receiving it. Have confidence in knowing you will receive it. Trust it is coming. Whenever you are feeling a need for something, you are in lack and can’t attract it to you. When you are in a feeling place of expecting to receive it, even if it is not right in the red hot moment, it will come.
3. Let go of the timing of when something will happen.
4. Be surprised and delighted when it does.

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