Great Job

Written by Christy Whitman November 18, 2011

My son, Alex, was coloring one day and after he lifted his crayon from the paper, he stood back and admired his work and said, “Great job.” This was a true affirmation for all the positive feedback that he receives in his life.

My husband and I always take time to praise our children and tell them how great they are. Whenever they do something – like go on the potty, or walk towards us, or even help us in some way – we always praise them by saying, “Wow. Great job.” Or we use some other type of positive reinforcement. Even when Alex remembers to say “please” or “thank you” we thank him for using his manners and give him a “great job.”

When you think your children are not taking in what you tell them, think again! Make sure to give them positive reinforcement when they do anything. Ask them, “How does that feel?” and let them tell you.

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