Good or Bad

Written by Bill January 12, 2018

Things are either good or bad, and children don’t see that there are other options.  So you can see children think that way– concrete thinking – good or bad. We teach them the opposite. We teach them up or down, left or right, good or bad. It is either good or it is bad.

Many of us are being raised by mom and dad that have concrete thinking. That if you do this you are bad. If you do this you are good.  And then as you grow up you are told that these are the things that are good.  These are the things that are bad.  And if you do those things that are bad you are bad.  And if you do the things that are good, you are good. So there’s this split that happens within us where we think ok, I am either good or I am bad. It is like a split that happens within our whole entire being.

When we are identifying ourselves as being bad, not worthy enough, not lovable, it affects what we create and magnetize in the world. It affects how we move about our day. It affects our feelings of being happy and grateful? So these are the things we really need to start really paying attention to because again that concrete thinking can be evolved. It’s just another level of consciousness. As kids, kids may grow, they start to learn that there are different shades and there are different options.

That is why affirmations are extremely important for our children to create a strong foundation for them to build on. Through Christy Whitman life coach, we will learn different affirmations to use so that when our kids grow up they can have these certain affirmations that they can grow up with that really solidify the belief that’s gonna empower them in the world.

We are in a universe that includes everything. So, there’s good and bad. It’s not just good or bad. There are lots of different choices. Things are not just right or wrong, up or down, good or bad. That is actually very childlike language. Through QSCA Coaching Program with qsca Christy Whitman and qsca certified coaches, we will learn to recognize to really come to place of owning all the different parts of us because we are not all bad.

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