Flying with Childen…

Written by Christy Whitman April 6, 2012

Julie and Glenn were coming back from Turks and they had just spent five days with Alex and Maxim. After being with our kids, they decided that they wanted to have kids of their own. Alex and Maxim were so well behaved, full of life, and happy. They were respectful, they listened, and they played quietly by themselves while we had a three-hour dinner. Everyone was blown away by how they were so calm and satisfied, playing with their toys, while being there with adults. On Julie and Glenn’s flight home, they saw another Alex who was running up and down the aisles of the plane and literally terrorizing the passengers. No one on the plane could sleep, conversations were interrupted, and the parents did nothing but sit and read their books, not paying attention to this behavior. Each and every time we go on a plane, everyone around us tells us how good the boys were. Some people have even been shocked as they get up to leave the plane and notice that there were two small children because they had no idea they were even there.

As parents, we pay attention to them and their needs. Yes, there are times when we want to zone out and be in our own space, and we do take time for that when we need it so that we can be present when we are with our kids.


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