Conditioning our Children Ages 0-2 and 2-5

Written by Christy Whitman December 18, 2012

You know the first time when you showed your child an item and told him what it is, and he repeated what you said? You said, “Nose” and he repeated, “Nose.” Remember how excited you were? He saw that excitement and learned that if he repeats what you say, you will be happy. You got animated and excited so he tried it again. Pointing to his eye, he said, “Eye” and received the same reaction.

Later it became a dog says, “Woof woof.” “What does a dog say?” And he then repeats, “Woof woof.” We then show the same excitement and even give him statements about himself such as, “You are so smart!”

This is conditioning. This is how we learned conditioned responses. And this carries us into our adult life.

When children are from the ages of 0-2, their reality is like a dream state. Their brainwaves are in a Delta state. When we as adults are actually sleeping and are in REM sleep, that is the same brainwave pattern of our little babies, infants, and toddlers. They take it all in and don’t have the ability to question or discern any part of what the “big people” they count on for basic survival say.

When children are ages 2-5, their reality is a relaxed state. If you have ever meditated or have been aware of yourself right before you drifted off to sleep, that is the brainwave state of children 2-5. This state is called a Theta state. It is where the brain is so open to new information. This is also a very magical time for children where they become very creative.

When the “big people” tell a child negative things about himself, he takes that in and does not have the ability to question what they are telling him. When the “big people” are giving off negative vibes about him because they are overwhelmed, fearful, or even frustrated, that child feels it and takes it all in.

They swallow it whole.

This is why giving your child empowering messages during this time is so key. They don’t have the ability to question that they have purpose or have value. If you tell him, he takes it in and it becomes a belief.

This is one of the reasons that I created the Enlightened Kid Program. I want every child to be able to have this early conditioning to have the beliefs that they are enough, they are lovable, and they are good.

As a coach for over ten years, I have seen that many of the issues adults have came from these early development years.

To take advantage of this early conditioning with your child, do the following:

  1. Never yell at your child.
  2. Never say any negative statements to your child about himself. (You look like a weasel, You are a pain in the butt, You are bad, etc.) Believe me, those statements are said to little children and these become the things that cause us so much pain and struggle as an adult.
  3. Give your child positive affirming statements each and every day.
  4. Purchase the Enlightened Kid Program so that your child is receiving these statements from you on a daily basis.

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