Written by Christy Whitman June 19, 2013

Today we were at our son’s soccer game (he is four), and there was a little boy who did not want to play. His mom and dad were getting so upset with him that the dad actually told the kid, “If you don’t play, I am going home and breaking your Batman.” The kid cried, “No!” but still did not want to play. They made a scene and went to the car, while the kid continued to cry hysterically because he was now not only going to have his Batman broke, but he was also going to have all of his toys taken away (the latest threat). I was in tears for this child as well as for the parents. I felt bad for the child, and also for the parents because they did not know another way to handle this other than to threaten their child.

I truly felt so much compassion for all of them.

They later came back, and the little boy started to play and had a really great time. The parents were happy and enjoyed the time with their son. When I spoke with the mom she said, “We had fun, but it started rough.”

I told her, “Yeah, I saw.”

She then apologized to me. I then told her, “Parenting is such a tough job, and we don’t always have the right answers in every situation. We are made to grow, and it is not always easy.” I truly felt compassion for this mother and father who—despite their best efforts—really wanted their son to have a good time.

Compassion was the key in this scenario, and I am glad I was able to tap into that feeling for both the child and the parents.

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