Communication Blunders to Avoid to Raise Empowered Kids

Written by Bill July 6, 2017

The way we communicate with our children has great impact on their personality.   As parents, we always strive to find the appropriate words to create our children’s self-worth and cultivate their full clarity. Nevertheless, there are times that we unintentionally send our kids few messages that do more harm than good. To improve our communications with our children, a Certified Quantum Success Coach is ready to share insights with us.

Listed below are common communication mistakes to avoid to establish a relationship with our children that is instituted in honesty and respect. At QSCA, we will learn the right approach to shape our children into better individuals.  


To recognize that our behavior doesn’t define our worth as individuals is basically the foundation of high self esteem (QSCA coaching program can provide us a clear understanding of our value as individuals). Thus, when our child acts thoughtlessly, we inadvertently make comments like “You’re so sloppy” or “You’re so naughty”; thereby we confuse their action with their being.

The key is to address the behaviors we need to improve while reassuring that they are lovable.  Professionals like Christy Whitman life coach helps us see a different perspective with our children.


Comparing your kids with other children will almost certainly deliver a double blow to their self-esteem. The message suggests that they are inadequate and it prompts them to look for external sources rather than from within for self-worth.  

The most powerful way to empower our children is to sincerely recognize them for the things they do well– even in an area where they struggle.  We can also help our children overcome their struggles in collaboration with a Certified Quantum Success Coach.


We get upset when our children misbehave and sometimes we are tempted to “give them a lesson” by enumerating all of their misbehaviors. However, embarrassing our kids does nothing to address its primary cause; instead they feel threatened and disempowered. Let’s us help our children recognize their faults in a positive way and Christy Whitman life coach has something to offer to ease our burden.

Ignoring their feelings

To your kids, a small argument with a friend or a forthcoming Math exam is a heavy burden (to us it’s insignificant). So you might say things like “Don’t worry” or “It’s okay”.  This way, you are invalidating their perspective and disregarding the empathy they’re looking for. Our kids need room to express their feelings and concerns. The mere fact that we are ready to listen to their perspective often gives them the reassurance and comfort they need.

To be self-empowered is to know that in the midst of all external forces, our children have within them an untouchable center of wellbeing that they can return to anytime they go astray or need to reconnect. The QSCA Coaching Program will help and guide us to instill the standards and values to our little ones to become empowered individuals.

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