Commit to Yourself

Written by Christy Whitman October 21, 2011

Before my kids were born I had plenty of time to meditate, and I did. Once my kids were born, I had a hard time making and even finding the time to meditate because I had this major change in my life. In the type of work I do, I was guiding others into their alignment. I was sending them love and positive energy. But I was not taking the time to give myself the same gifts.

For me, meditation centers me. It makes me feel connected to my higher self. It gives me a sense of security, freedom and abundance. It gives me hope for my future and gratitude for my present life.

When I don’t meditate life seems like a struggle, and it doesn’t flow like it does when I do take the time to meditate.

When I meditate I am more loving, calm, patient, and joyful. This affects my husband, our relationship, and our children. In order for your children to have minds, happy hearts, and joyful souls, they need to see examples and role models of the same.

I needed to re-adjust and make my meditation time a priority. I had scheduled my workout time to fit into my new life as a mom of two small children. I then had to figure out what would work as far as meditating. You need to figure out what works in your schedule. What will be realistic and fit it into the lifestyle you have?

For example, if you can’t get up earlier than the kids do, at what point during the day can you be alone and take 15-20 minutes to be quiet and go within?

If you can set your alarm 15-20 minutes before you have to get up, it will make a big difference in your day. If you just can’t because that time is so precious and needed, then when can you take that time? At lunch? Before you go to bed? Can you schedule it like an appointment?

My mind used to tell me, “I am too busy once my day starts. I am also too tired at night.” And all of that is true. I get it. Being a parent is tiring.

There is always something to do. And if you are a mom, you are always holding your children in your mind. Energetically you are holding a space for them. Dads can shut this off from time to time. Moms have a harder time, because they were a part of our bodies. They are energetically attached to us until the age of 8 years old.

That is why it is even that much more important to take the time for yourself and make  yourself a priority. Since they can feel your energy, it is important that they are picking up on positive, loving and connected energy so that they feel the same way.

Don’t know how to meditate? Listen to this recording:

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