Children 0-5, Please Be Patient

Written by Christy Whitman December 22, 2012


Think about what you are like when you are in a deep sleep. That is how your child under two years of age goes through his life.

Think about that for a minute.

Imagine being in a deep sleep and someone telling you to hurry up or do any task at all.

Now think of your child under two years of age.

This is what life is like for him or her.

Now think about what you are like right before you drift off to sleep, or when you are in a deep meditation.

What if someone told you to hurry up and do something?

Now think of your child under five years of age.

We all have busy lives. We all have things we need to accomplish and tasks that need to be completed such as cooking dinner, doing the laundry, and giving the kids a bath.

During these developmental years, pushing your child to hurry or to go faster than he can, causes great stress on him.

If you are rushing him out the door, hurrying him up the stairs, or being impatient with him for whatever reason, it causes the child to be anxious.

He then becomes hyper-vigilant and can’t feel safe and peaceful.

Even trying to get your child to use the potty when he is not ready creates a lot of stress and pressure on him. He will do it when he is ready, and he will let you know when the time comes. This does not mean don’t show him or explain it to him, but making or forcing him when he is not ready is creating stress and performance anxiety.

They are human, but they are not adults.

When you have any interactions with your child, remember he is in a dream state. Don’t rush him. Be patient.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Allow your breath to come up from the bottom of your feet and go through your entire body.
  3. Remember that as cute as they are at this age, they are not adults. They are little gifts from the Universe.
  4. Take care of yourself so you can be patient with your child.

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