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Written by Christy Whitman February 17, 2012

Children develop their sense of self-empowerment at ages 0 through 12. Many parents today say they don’t want to indoctrinate their child into a particular religion or form of spirituality. Our culture indoctrinates children to focus on material possessions and to doubt the existence of anything beyond what they can see. The early years provide an opening for a child’s natural spirituality to blossom. Their energy is so pure and honest that it has helped many parents reconnect with their own spirituality. It is essential to nurture the awareness that we are the gift from universe and if we never believe this as a child, it’s a long road to finding our path when children get older.

Children often grow up without any sense of connection to adults than their parents. If that bond grows weak, the children don’t grow up with a strong sense of higher purpose, a strong connection to people and to a higher power (God, Universe, Buddha…), they become easy prey for the darkness of our world. As parents, it is our duty to connect them first to ourselves then to their higher self and to community.

Studies made about children and teens draw concerns about the rising casualty rate. In 1990 the National Association of State Board of Education joined with the American Medical Association to the declining condition of children and teens in America and issued this statement: “for the first time in the history of this country, young people are less healthy and less prepared to take their places in society than were their parents. And this is happening at a time when our society is more complex, more challenging and more competitive than ever before”. This crisis in character continues to escalate and manifest itself in disturbing and frightening ways. There is no doubt that our kids are facing a whole new set of choices, expectations, fears, pressures, challenges and problems and they are facing them at younger and younger ages. In order to deepen our understanding of children, we need to take a look at the major cultural forces and trends that shape their character, values, attitudes and behaviors.

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