Child Affirmations

Written by Christy Whitman October 22, 2012

What a great thing to have your children do: affirmations

Watch Jessica’s Affirmation!

But . . . what we don’t want to teach our children is that they are better or worse than anyone else. When we teach our children that they are better than someone else it leads to comparison and competition. This constant need for comparing ourselves to others does not build self-esteem, but instead always has us looking outside of ourselves for validation on how we are doing. When giving your kids affirmations have them say “I am great. I am love. I am powerful.” Please make it about them and only them and not make it about being better than someone else.

The word “competition” actually is derived from the Latin term competere, which means: “to strive together, to meet, come together, agree”. This does not mean we are better or less than anyone. This means we work together to create something wonderful. Each one of us standing in our own greatness, and knowing our own value and purpose, together we come together to create more harmony in the world.

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