Teach Our Kids to Not to Be People Pleasing with QSCA

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“People pleasing – otherwise known as the tendency to disconnect from our feelings in order to attend to the needs of others”.

Because we are literally dependent on the love and support of others when we are children, we strive from an early age to make our parents or caregivers happy. For example, when we do something that makes them happy, we are rewarded with laughter, praise, or a big hug. On the other hand, if we do something that makes mummy or daddy unhappy, we do not receive their positive attention. We then begin to adjust our behavior in order to keep receiving the love and approval we need. Rather than just being ourselves and expressing our needs, we selectively feature whatever sides of our personality we’ve identified as pleasing. read more


Learn to Handle Tantrums through QSCA Christy Whitman

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Our kids really want our attention. So when they start crying, yelling, sometimes flopping on the floor, they’ve just lost control, and we as parents don’t know exactly what to do. It can be very difficult for us to keep our composure  if our children have tantrums, thus it’s very crucial that we learn to meditate daily to stay connected with our Well-Being and we can learn this practice through qsca Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches in Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program. read more

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Happiness is Life’s Top Priority

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Parenting is really all about modeling and teaching well being to our kids. Our happy disposition and calm minds convey a powerful message that stays in our children’s hearts and souls – that happiness is life’s top priority.  Through qsca coaching program with qsca Christy Whitman, we will discover that one of the most loving things we can do for our kids is by making our own happiness a priority. So, learning how to find happiness within ourselves is the key to create a happy home and raise empowered kids. read more

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When Momma is Happy, Everybody is Happy!

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As women, particularly as moms, it’s very easy to lose ourselves in the roles we play and ignore that prioritizing our own happiness is essential to creating a happy marriage, raising happy kids, and building a happy home. Perhaps it’s because many of us were programmed to believe that taking care of others is a far more noble pursuit, and that practicing self-care is practically tantamount to being self-centered. Nevertheless, this belief is basically distorted and outdated.  Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will learn to discover that one of the most caring things we can do for our kids is by making our own happiness a priority. read more


Stop Bullying:  Learn Self Empowerment through QSCA

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Children develop their self worth and self empowerment from birth to age twelve. Thus, it is very critical for parents to teach and provide them with the necessary tools and skills they need to become powerful individuals. Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman offers an easy yet effective formula to empower our children as they grow and reach different periods in their lives.   read more

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